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Anna Bosch Honored as a Leadership Program Fellow

Submitted by kornbluh on Wed, 06/22/2011 - 03:00 pm


The College of Arts & Sciences’ own Anna Bosch, along with Martha Peterson and Diane Snow from the UK College of Medicine, have been named 2011-2012 Academic Leadership Development Programs (ALDP) Fellows for the prestigious Southeastern Conference Academic Consortium (SECAC).  The year-long leadership program focuses on a variety of topics including budgeting and  finance, diversity, strategic planning, media relations, trends in higher education, and leadership strategies, to name only a few. The program will feature both on- and off-campus activities which will bring them together with other ALDP Fellows from SEC schools.
Anna Bosch joined the University of Kentucky in 1990, and has been an Associate Professor of Linguistics and English since 1996, serving as Director of the Linguistics Program from 1997-2006. Her research interests include phonological theory, field methods and dialectology (primarily Scottish Gaelic and North American). Bosch has authored numerous articles in the field of linguistics and has over a decade of fieldwork research on endangered and minority languages. In her role as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in Arts & Sciences, Bosch oversees curricular and program changes, implementation of the General Education curriculum, programmatic assessment, academic advising, undergraduate scholarship selection, online education, and interdisciplinary programs.
Congratulations again to the 2011-2012 ALDP Fellows!
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