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FLIE German

The mission of the FLIE/German program is to train students to become strategically placed to respond to the increased globalization of the world economies.  It integrates the study of a world language and its culture, along with international economics, experiential education, experience abroad, and international internships, in order to prepare students for careers in an internationally-focused work environment.  FLIE attempts to establish a community of learners on the UK campus by providing scholarly leadership, lecture series, and career guidance, as well as specialized course offerings for students who intend to work in the area of international commerce and economics. German is a leading language of global business.
Did you know? 
  • Germany is America’s largest European trading partner. 
  • Germany is Kentucky’s 2nd-largest foreign investor. 
  • German is the 3rd-largest economy in the world. 
  • Germany is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union. Yes, more widely spoken than English! 
  • Many international companies consider German to be the most crucial language to know for global business. 
For more information, please contact: Prof. Hillary Herzog, 859 257-7012 or, 1069 Patterson Office Tower.
German Language Curriculum for FLIE Students
GER 206 Spoken Communication (3)
GER 307 Intermediate German Composition and Conversation I (3)
GER 310 German for International Business and Professions (3)
Plus 12 hours from the following list:
GER 308 Intermediate German Composition and Conversation II (3)
GER 311 Introduction to German Literature: Themes (Subtitle required) (3)
GER 312 Introduction to German Literature: Popular Forms (3)
GER 317 History of German Culture (3) 
GER 319 Contemporary German Literature and Culture (3)
GER 342 War, Peace and Terror: Germany and Europe (3)
GER 352 German-speaking Europe (Subtitle required) (3)
GER 361 German Cinema (3)
GER 363 Germanic Mythology (3)
GER 395 Independent Work in German (1-3)
GER 415G Major German Authors (Subtitle required) (3)
GER 416G Genres of German Literature (3)
GER 420G Special Studies in German Literary and Cultural History (Subtitle required) (3)
GER 507 Advanced German Composition and Conversation (3)
Career Opportunities
FLIE/German majors have gone on to a wide range of opportunities, from the diplomatic corps to work in the private sector.