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Glazer Research Group's work highlighted on the cover of ACS Combinatorial Science

A publication authored by Dr. Erin Wachter, Mr. Diego Moya, and Prof. Edith Glazer was profiled on the cover of ACS Combinatorial Science. 

About the Cover: Ru(II) complexes containing dipyrido[3,2-a:2′,3′-c]phenazine) (dppz)-type ligands are known to be "light switches" for DNA. These complexes can exhibit radically different luminescence responses depending on nucleic acid structure. In this issue, Wachter, Moyá, and Glazer prepared and screened a library of different Ru(II) dppz complexes to uncover the structural features of the probe molecules that imparted selectivity for various DNA architectures. The cover shows a parallel screening approach where a library of DNA sequences, structures, and other biomolecules were investigated against a library of different Ru(II) dppz complexes to determine structural relationships that result in selective luminescence responses. Cover art by Donna Gilbreath.

View the full text of the article, titled 'Combining a Ru(II) Building Block" and Rapid Screening Approach to Identify DNA Structure-Selective "Light Switch" Compounds'  can be viewed here.