New Faculty in Anthropolgy and Sociology Departments

I am thrilled to welcome a high caliber class of new faculty to the College this fall.  Arts & Sciences is fortunate to have 42 new faculty (professors and lecturers) joining us as the semester starts. Over the next few blogs, I hope to acquaint readers with some new additions to the A&S team.
Allow me to introduce these new faculty members in the Departments of Anthropology and Sociology.


Kristin Monroe

Monroe is a sociocultural anthropologist specializing in Middle East studies and the production of social and spatial inequalities. She pursues a range of interests through her research and teaching including cultural geography, theories of power, and political anthropology. Her current research focuses on the critical role that uses of space and mobility play in the formation of Lebanese civic culture.


Professor Shannon Bell

Shannon Elizabeth Bell's research interests fall at the intersections of environmental sociology, gender, and social movements, and she maintains a strong commitment to feminist research and social justice in her work. Her dissertation examines the barriers to local participation in the environmental justice movement against irresponsible mining practices in Central Appalachia. Methods of data collection and analysis included in-depth interviews, participant observation, content analysis, questionnaires, geospatial viewshed analysis, and an eight-month “Photovoice” project with women living in five coal-mining communities in southern West Virginia.

Professor Claire Renzetti

Claire Renzetti's areas of specialization are the sociology of gender, criminology and the sociology of law, and social movements.  Most of her research over the past 30 years has focused on violence against women, particularly economically and socially marginalized groups of women.  Renzetti's current research projects are an ethnography of faith-based organizations involved in addressing the problem of human trafficking, and a comprehensive survey of NGO service providers who respond to domestic human trafficking victims.  She is also the editor of the international, interdisciplinary peer-reveiwed journal, Violence Against Women, published monthly by Sage.

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Kristin Monroe
Shannon Bell
Claire Renzetti