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New Applied Statistics Laboratory to Launch This Month

Submitted by kornbluh on Fri, 07/08/2011 - 02:58 pm


In an effort to streamline and centralize statistical consulting activities on campus, a new Applied Statistics Laboratory (ASL) will launch July 2011. The main objectives of this venture are to provide improved statistical services to groups preparing grant proposals, direct faculty involvement from the Departments of Statistics and Biostatistics for study design and data analysis throughout UK, foster collaborative research between scholars who develop quantitative methodology and those who use such methodology in their work, and to become a resource which may be referenced in institutional support for larger grants, in addition to direct statistical support typically included in such grants.


The ASL will be supported by two experienced M.Sc. statistician staff members, Adam Lindstrom and Candace Brancato, as well as several graduate students from the Departments of Statistics and Biostatistics. Professors from these departments may also be enlisted to assist with projects. The laboratory will be led by Director Arne Bathke and Associate Directors Constance Wood and Heather Bush, who have been involved in all levels of statistical consulting and collaboration and who have extensive experience communicating statistical results to non-statisticians, including collaborative publications and grants.


For those interested in using the ASL, a consultation request may be submitted by emailing Candace Brancato at  In January 2012, the ASL will move into renovated space in the Multidisciplinary Science Building.