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Charged Particle Detection with Thermal Kinetic Inductance Detectors

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Elizabeth Mae Scott (Centre College)

Precision nuclear physics experiments have long played an important role in searches for physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM). The traditional particle detection technologies of many of these experiments, semiconductor and scintillation detectors, face fundamental performance limitations that greatly restrict the sensitivity achievable. A new detector paradigm for charged particle detection has the potential to dramatically improve sensitivity in BSM searches. We are working toward this goal by adapting Thermal Kinetic Inductance Detectors (TKIDs) for external charged particle detection. These cryogenic detectors, used in X-ray and gamma spectroscopy as well as dark matter searches, have shown photon energy resolutions on the order of tens of eV and can be multiplexed to create large area detectors. However, TKIDs have not yet been developed for non-embedded charged particle detection. We have designed a Charged Particle TKID (CP-TKID) prototype to optimized for the  detection of the neutron beta decay electron.  In this seminar, I will discuss the development of our initial prototype design and our efforts to characterize its response.

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