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2014 UK Japan Summer Field Seminar

By: Mary Venuto

Quirky Japanese fact #68: Folklore contains a creature known as Ashiarai Yashiki, a giant foot
that crashes through the roof in the middle of the night, demanding the terrified homeowner to
wash it.

Quirky Japanese fact #108: There are 67 different flavors of Fanta and over 200 flavors of Kit
Kats in Japan.

Sure, not only will you discover other fun cultural oddities, but you will also distinguish yourself
through unique summer study in Japan, where field learning opportunity and social network
will give you the best prospect to succeed for professional career in East Asia and the US.

Students enrolled in the Japan summer field seminar travel by bullet train across the country
and experience a wide variety of Japanese landscapes, multiple cities, regions from Hokkaido to
Kyushu, home stay with Japanese families, and conduct independent research projects under
the guidance of the instructor.

Successful completion of a three or five week summer program will award students 3-6 credit

Open to undergraduate and graduate students from ALL academic disciplines.

Visit for application forms. Scholarship opportunities may be

Program Director: P. P. Karan, 823 POT,