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Geography Welcomes Carolyn Finney

The Department of Geography is proud to announce that Carolyn Finney will be joining the department's faculty this fall. She most recently was in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at the University of California-Berkeley.

“Her research interests are broad, and coalesce around questions of difference, identity, nature, and place. Her work is exciting in the way it challenges the academy’s traditional boundaries of research, teaching, and service; and her commitment to public engagement in a variety of guises and settings also requires a methodological attention to participation, partnerships, collaboration, and perhaps even entails a radical epistemology. Dr. Finney’s book, Black Spaces, White Spaces out last year, UNC press, widely noted and favorably received; and has drawn much attention, including in the popular culture media. But Carolyn already was drawing attention in many quarters; with grants from Bechtel Foundation, the NEH, the NPS, Mellon Post Doc at Wellesley, and many others.”

--Richard Schein
Chair, Department of Geography, University of Kentucky

>>Visit Carolyn Finney's website here