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Keeping Up with MCLLC: News & Updates


Matt Wells presented a paper titled “How to Be an Exemplary Official: Didactic Life Narrative in the Jin shu.” 15th Annual Southeast Early China Roundtable, University of the South, Sewanee, October 7-9, 2011.

Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby and Matt Wells participated in an Asian studies meeting up in Louisville for all of the Asian Studies faculty across the state, hosted by the Crane House.  

EVENT - David Hunter & Catholic Studies - Sinai Monk to Visit
The Cottrill-Rolfes Chair of Catholic Studies, through the good offices of Dr. David Bradshaw, Philosophy Depaetment chair, will be sponsoring two lectures in early November.  The speaker will be Fr. Justin Sinates, a monk of St. Catherine's monastery in the Sinai Desert, Egypt, and a native of Texas.  St. Catherine's was founded in the sixth century by the Byzantine emperor Justinian and is the oldest Christian monastery in continual existence in the world.  St.Catherine's has a extensive collection of ancient manuscripts , surpassed only by the Vatican.  Fr. Justin has spearheaded an innovative effort to digitize all of the manuscripts in the library's collection, beginning with the famous Codex Sinaiticus.  Saint Catherine's also has a unique collection of Greek and Russian icons, which owe their existence to the monastery's isolated location and distance from the problem of Iconoclasm.
Here is a list of his public presentations in Lexington, one on the monastery and its manuscripts, the other on the icons:

  • "St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai Desert: A Direct Link with the Ancient World"; Friday, November 4, 2011, 4:30-6:00, Young Library Auditorium
  • 'We Knew Not Whether We Were in Heaven or on Earth': The Heritage of Russian Iconography," Monday, November 7, 2011, 7:30--9:00, Wallace Briggs Theater, Fine Arts Building.

Here are some links to articles written about Fr. Justin and his work:

RESEARCH - Jennifer Tunberg - forthcoming publications
Submitted an article (30 pages in type script) entitled 'Neo-Latin Fiction' to the editors of the Brill Encyclopedia of Neo-Lati_ that will be published in 2013.  The entries for the Encyclopedia were all invited, and to have been asked indicates that the author is the authority on a given subject.   

RESEARCH/TEACHING - Terry Tunberg - forthcoming lectures in Rome & Australia & publications
Invitation to present in Rome on November 25 a lecture on 'Erasmus and his view of the authority of modern Latin authors', at an international symposium to honor the 500th anniversary of the publication of the "Praise of Folly."


Milena Minkova gave a presentation at the international meeting devoted to the 500th anniversary of the publication of Erasmus' "Praise of Folly" which was held in Rome on November 26, 2011, in the Austrian Academy and sponsored by academia Latinitati Fovendae, the primary learned society for promotion of Latin. Her presentation was related to the relevance of teaching Erasmus in the 21st century classroom. 

She has also, by invitation, contributed an article on Neo-Latin Orthography and Punctuation to the large-scale international publication entitled “Encylopaedia of Neo-Latin” forthcoming from Brill Publishers based in the Netherlands.