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"My Life Story through Art - Allegorical Surrealism by O. Sheymov"

Niles Gallery (Fine Arts Library)
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Olga Sheymov

Olga Sheymov’s art, like her life, alludes to the extraordinary. Artist, engineer, television producer, graphic designer and researcher, Olga paints in allegorical surrealism, infusing her artistic vision with philosophical and moral implications.
After the fall of communism and the Soviet Union, Olga turned to television, seeing an opportunity to help foster understanding of the Russian people and their fascinating cultural history. In 1995 she created the award winning TV series, Russia Today,
produced in the Washington, DC area. This half-hour program brings Russians and Americans together to share and compare not only differences but also similarities highlighting a common humanity.

Faithful to both her artistic and engineering backgrounds and with a degree in graphics design from Georgia Tech added to her credentials, Olga serves both in the technological and traditional art worlds. The latter, amply illustrated here on the Vladi
Arts site, reveals her distinctive style born of her exceptional talent and life experience. Through the media of oils, watercolor and airbrush, she has expressed her vision and her deeply felt affinity for allegory, music and literature -- by which the human spirit has
always eluded shackles.

Highlights: New York Art Expo, Las Vegas Art Expo,100 Contemporary International Artists 2008, 100 World Artists 2009, Your Source TV, Art in Motion video, “Allegory” Video 2008, Luxor Museum of Art, “The nature of Creativity” Video 2009, Carrousel du
Louvre, Paris, The Museum of Americas, Barcelona, Contemporary Women Artists 2010, Biblioteca de Artistas Barcelona Spain, ArtFest Gallery Dallas Texas, FYR Gallery Florence, Italy, Contemporary Women Artists 2010, Art Dubai 2011, “Inspired by Russia” 2011, 2012.

Olga Sheymov”s paintings are found in private and corporate collections both in the United States and Europe.
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