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Faculty Poster Presentation

The Department of Chemistry hosted a Faculty Poster Presentation on Friday, September 4, 2015.  This annual event is an opportunity for new graduate students to meet Chemistry faculty members and learn about their current research projects.Each of the 30 new graduate students needs to choose a research group by December, and the poster Presentation is designed them find a project that aligns with their interests.  This choice is critical, because the research group a student chooses this semester will determine the course of his or her academic career. The faculty member who leads the research group will become the student’s advisor and mentor.
While the event is mainly for the benefit of the new students, the Faculty Poster Presentation also gives faculty members a chance to look at their colleagues’ research and gives current students a venue for spending time with their peers outside the lab.  Events like the poster presentation are vital to the advancement of community within the department, and helps to foster strong relationships between our students and faculty members – now, and beyond their time in the Department.