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On Being an International Student: Yiwen Chen (in Chinese)

The Hive is the College of Arts & Sciences' newly unified team of creative and technical services. This provides A&S with support for web and print media projects, public relations, and computing and informational services. This podcast features Yiwen Chen, who works on Social Media for Arts and Sciences. Interviewed by Wenbo Zeng, Chen answers some fundamental questions that international students might have when considering to study abroad at UK. Yiwen grew up in China and attends the University of Kentucky. 





Wenbo: Hi. What is your name?

Yiwen: You can call me Yiwen.

Wenbo: When did you come to UK?

Yiwen: I came to UK in August of 2010.

Wenbo: What is your major? What majors do you think are popular in the U.S?

Yiwen: I am an Accounting Major. It is a very popular major here in the U.S.  I believe that with an accounting major, I will be able to find a job easily. Companies of all sizes need accountants.

Wenbo: Do you wish to stay in the U.S. after graduation?

Yiwen: For international students, they are given one year after graduation to find an internship. UK has an agency called The Stuckert Career Center that will assist you in finding internships that relate specifically to your major. You need to study hard and enjoy your time in college.

Wenbo: Sounds pretty good. Many international students want to work part-time while studying; however, they’re not allowed to work outside of the school. So, how do international students find part-time jobs?

Yiwen: International students are not allowed to work outside of the school, but UK offers many on-campus jobs. For example, there are student jobs available in the library, cafeteria, or being a translator or tutor. There are many doctorate-degree seeking students here that work as teacher’s assistants. International students have many opportunities here.

Wenbo: Sounds interesting. Can you use one sentence to describe your experience here at UK?

Yiwen: Wow, this question is tough….UK has made me realize what my goals are for my future. I think this is something many young adults should ponder.

Wenbo: A new year is just around the corner. Can you give us some words of encouragement for the New Year?

Yiwen: Happy new year to everyone. May all your wishes come true!

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