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'Rooted in Our Communities: The University of Kentucky in Appalachia'

by Eli Capiluto

(Dec. 11, 2014) — A special message from University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto:


"I gleaned the remains of my life, turned toward the hills that give me help, give me shelter, hold the sky where it belongs" - Jane Hicks


Over the next several months, we'll be examining and discussing the special relationship and partnership the University of Kentucky has with the Central Appalachian region.

Rooted in Our Communities: The University of Kentucky in Appalachia

A new series of stories, “Rooted in Our Communities: The University of Kentucky in Appalachia”, will examine the myriad ways in which UK faculty, staff and students are working in — and, more importantly, with — communities throughout the mountains. Those stories and other compelling features can be found here.

These stories bring to life the significant challenges and even more promising opportunities that exist not only in Eastern Kentucky, but throughout our Commonwealth in areas such as health care, energy and conservation, education and economic development.

As important, though, these stories will celebrate and promote the incredible culture and heritage of the region as well as the progress we’ve made together. The richness of the mountains emboldens our shared effort and the promise of tomorrow. In the attached video, I discuss in more detail this mission of service and partnership with and for Appalachia.  

At the University of Kentucky, we take pride in the fact that our 150-year legacy of education, research, service and care means that we are — in creative and compelling ways — the university for Kentucky.

In Appalachia, that service and those partnerships are deeply rooted and grounded in a sense of community … in a spirit of partnership … with the idea that we, too, look toward the hills — for help and shelter, for partnership and meaning … for stronger communities and for a brighter future for our Commonwealth.