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Visiting Professor to Offer Short Course on Resistance and Hegemony in Mexican Politics

Spring 2014 Short Course (Feb. 12 – March 2)
This short course, offered by visiting professor Ricardo Macip, focuses on the major tenets and effects of a radical transformation in Mexico. Started as a response to a financial crisis, what has been identified broadly as a “neoliberal” project effectively changed the productive forces and property structure of the post-revolutionary state.
UK Libraries Makes Several Stops in Mexico for Passport to the World Program
University of Kentucky Libraries is adding another stamp to its passport in support of exhibitions and programs in celebration of ¡Viva Mexico!
jcho222 Wed, 11/06/2013 - 12:08 pm
Anthropologists Chris Pool and Mickey Loughlin Receive a Multi-Year Grant from the National Science Foundation to Study Ancient Mesoamerican History
Archaeologists Christopher Pool and Michael Loughlin have spent many summers in southern Veracruz working to learn more about ancient Mesoamericans.
brconn2 Thu, 10/24/2013 - 03:05 pm

Songs of Mexico: Recital on works by María Grever, Tata Nacho, and Agustín Lara

Songs of México: Recital on works by María Grever, Tata Nacho, and Agustín Lara 
presented by Manuel Castillo, tenor
Free and open to the public. 
Mr. Castillo is a tenor, trained in the graduate program in the School of Music of the UK College of Fine Arts. For more information on him, visit
Canciones de México:  Manuel Castillo  presentará  en un recital la música de María Grever, Tata Nacho y Agustín Lara. 
Manuel Castillo estudió y se entrenó en tenor en el programa de Música del Departamento de Fine Arts en UK. Para más información de él visita la página
Repertoire for November 19th:
Arturo Buzzi Peccia (1854 - 1943)

Lolita (1892)

María Grever (1894 - 1951)
Lamento Gitano (1929*)

Federico Moreno Torroba (1891-1982)
Amor vida de mi vida (1941)

Ignacio Fernández Esperón "Tata Nacho" (1894 – 1968)
La borrachita (1917)
Tengo nostalgia de ti (1920*)
Íntima (1928*)

Ernesto de Curtis (1875 - 1937)
Torna a Suriento (1902)

María Grever (1894 - 1951)
Júrame (1926)
Despedida (1946)

José Serrano (1873 - 1941)
Te quiero Morena (1910)

Agustín Lara (1900-1970)
Granada (1932)

Singletary Recital Hall
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