The Evolution of Teaching Excellence - James Krupa

Biology professor James Krupa recently received his second major accolade from the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) in the past two years.

Getting To Know Lexington: Community 101

For many, moving to a new place is part of the college experience - but at UK, students can take a class that connects them to many community organizations and civic institutions. Community 101 is a course designed to help incoming students get their bearings in Lexington, Kentucky. Guest lecturers come to class frequently, and students get to engage with the local organization of their choice for a final project.

At the end of the 2012 spring semester, final projects were on display at the Singletary Art Museum as part of the city-wide Gallery Hop. The A&S Podcast team visited the gallery to see the final projects and chat with some of the students and teachers from the course. 

This 2-credit course will be offered again in Fall 2012 and class will begin on September 18.

**You can register until Wednesday, September 26. A&S students can go to room 311 Patterson Office Tower, students in other Colleges should see their advisor.

This podcast was produced by Cheyenne Hohman.

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Introduction to AAAS/ENG 264 - Major Black Writers



Dr. Young and Michelle Talbot introduce their course AAAS/ENG 264 Major Black Writers.

You can find a description of the assignments for the course on the English Department website: english.as.uky.edu/fall-courses-1

You can preview quizzes and discussion questions on the site for the Norton Anthology of African American Literature: wwnorton.com/college/english/africanamericanlit2e/



Conversational Chinese at Shanghai University: Liang Luo

Since 2010, the Chinese Studies program at UK has taken groups of students to Shanghai University in the summer for a 6-credit Conversational Chinese course. Liang Luo is a professor of Chinese culture and language, and has accompanied two of these groups to Shanghai. The group that went this summer also participated in the Shanghai University & UK Student Summit, part of the programs that the American Studies Center has brought to Shanghai this year. 

For more information about study abroad programs at UK, please visit uky.edu/educationabroad.

This podcast was produced by Cheyenne Hohman

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Golding Describes Benefits of Facebook in Inside Higher Education Op-ed

Jonathan Golding, professor in the Department of Psychology in the UK College of Arts and Sciences, was recently featured in Inside Higher Education describing his integration of Facebook into his courses.


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