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What's New in Science - Susan Barron

Drugs and the Brain Listening to the news, reading the newspapers, or talking to friends, we hear about drugs almost daily. This discussion will include some of the recent data about how the drugs that change the way we feel affect the brain. We will talk about why some drugs are so addictive relative to other drugs, why adolescence is such a vulnerable time for drug use and some novel approaches and medications that may have real potential for treating drug addiction and other brain disorders

Sarah Gooch

UK junior Sarah Gooch is one of only 161 recipients of the National Security Education Program Boren Scholarship. The Boren Scholar, from Georgetown, Ky., will use the $20,000 scholarship to study and teach in Japan in the fall.

WRD Symposium

For the full length versions of the WRD symposium student work you can visit these links: Group - Give Us the Right Taylor Blair - Backstory: The Kentucky Kernel Zachary Norton - Inside Joe Benjamin Norton - Just One Night Homeless Candice Messer - Final WRD Coal (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
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