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UK Students Win Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association’s Student Paper Award


By Kendra Sanders

Six UK students won the Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association’s Student Paper Award.

The paper was the final project in their GEO 485G course, Urban Planning and Sustainability, taught by Lynn Phillips. Studetns were asked to collaborate and develop a professional, consultant-quality small area plan, and they chose to do an intense, in-depth study of the Georgetown Triangle and the various implications that will result when BCTC opens its Newtown Pike campus in that area.

One of the group members and recent UK graduate, Wesley Jetton, explained that this extensive, five-month project involved the collection of a significant amount of data, including accessing property values, collecting photographs, and understanding the state of community involvement in that area.

The Plan also involved analysis of current land use and zoning strategies as well as possible alterations to those strategies in order to better serve residents and spur development.

The students performed many site visits to aid in their analyses, developing understandings and methods for area improvement such as historical site analysis, proposed art installations, and possible changes to traffic patters.

The students have also presented the report to the LFUCG Commissioner of Planning, Dr. Derek Paulsen, and Chris King, LFUCG Planning Director.  

“I feel I speak for my other group members,” says Jetton, “when I say that we are honored to have received the American Planning Association: Kentucky Chapter’s Outstanding Student Project Award.” Jetton accepted the award from KAPA President Ryan Libke on behalf of his group in May.

Other group members included Bradley Baumgartner, Pilar Marite Desha, Eddie McCarthy, Zachary Nicholas, and John-Michael Spears.

Photo: Wesley Jetton accepting the award from KAPA President Ryan Libke, also accompanied by UK Department of Geography Lecturer Lynn Phillips.