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Nisrine Slitine El Mghari


B.A., Human Resource Management, The University of Central Oklahoma, 2003

M.Ed. with emphasis in French, Honors, The University of Central Oklahoma, 2011

Ph.D., French, University of Oklahoma, 2018


Provost's Ph.D. Dissertation Prize For an Outstanding Dissertation in the area of Humanities and Fine Arts, University of Oklahoma, 2018


Professor Slitine El Mghari's research focuses on representations of the city in 20th- and 21st-century Francophone and Arabophone Moroccan literature. More specifically, her work concerns itself with the different social, historical, and political forces that contribute to the construction of urban spaces, and draws on various critical and theoretical fields, including colonial and postcolonial studies, cultural memory studies, gender studies, and literary studies, while at the same time considering different contemporary Moroccan urban structures from a spatio-temporal perspective. Currently, she explores forms of popular culture, ranging from grafitti, the graphic novel, to new-age journalism, as well as texts written in dārija (the Moroccan dialect). Her interest in cinema studies includes more contemporary genres like the various web series produced by young North African artists and examining social, cultural, and political realities. Her research areas are also in Maghrebi Francophone and Arabophone literature and civilization, Sub-Saharan Francophone fiction, and French Antillian literature and culture. 

Selected Publications

"The Aesthetics of the City: A Conversation with Youssouf Amine Elalamy." World Literature Today, Jan./Feb. 2019: 14-18.…

"From the Heart of the Void: A Conversation with Annie Le Brun," by Karl Pollin-Dubois. Translation from the French. World Literature Today. 93 (4), 2019.…

"The moroccan city: a quest for cultural memory in Francophone and Arabophone contemporary literature." The Journal of North African Studies. 13 Aug, 2020.

"Contemporary Moroccan urban experiences in Dārija: a reading of Youssouf Amine Elalamy’s Tqarqīb Ennāb (Chatter)." The Journal of North African Studies. 09 Aug 2021


DOI: 10.1080/13629387.2021.1956315