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Roberto Tapia


Chemistry Major (Hometown: Mayfield, KY)

The majority of my family relocated from Mexico to America, to put it simply, in search for the "American Dream." I decided to attend the University of Kentucky because of the overflowing amounts of opportunities it offers to its current and prospective students. As a science major, I am gearing my long-term career goal towards a healthcare profession in medicine or pharmacy. Thus far, my experiences with this institution have been equally gratifying and challenging and I am greatly looking forward to my future contributions here. 

Some of my interests include music of all genres, films, and recreational reading. Although I am most comfortable with Latin, indie, and alternative music, I do not mind to dabble in country, classical, or any other character of music that interests me. I enjoy any exposure to various classical and modern cinematic masterpieces because of their diversity in telling simple, yet impactful, stories. Recreational reading is few and far between as a college student. A window of time to delve into any intense, comedic, or informative book is always encouraged in my life as an opportunity to entice my mind and inspire me to become a greater person each day.