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Rupert Pickens

Selected Publications:

“Marie de France in the Manuscripts: Lai, Fable, Fabliau.” In The Old French Fabliau: Essays on Comedy and Context. Eds. Kristin L. Burr, John F. Moran, and Norris J. Lacy. Jefferson, NC, and London: McFarland, 2008. 174-86.

“Implications of Being ‘French’ in Twelfth-Century England.” In “Chançon legiere a chanter”: Essays in Honor of Samuel N. Rosenberg. Eds. Karen Fresco and Wendy Pfeffer. Birmingham, AL: Summa Publications, 2006. 373-86.

“Reading Harley 978: Marie de France in Context.” In Courtly Arts and the Art of Courtliness: Selected Papers from the Eleventh Triennial Congress of the International Courtly Literature Society, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 29 July-4 August 2004. Eds. Keith Busby and Christopher Kleinhenz. Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2006. 527-42.

“Arthurian Time and Space: Chrétien’s Conte del Graal and Wace’s Brut.” Medium Ævum 75 (2006): 219-46.