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Cape Town - University of Kentucky Education Abroad

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This internship program offers hands-on experience working with one of several non-profit and non-governmental organizations in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition students will learn about contemporary South Africa in a conventional seminar taught by UK faculty. Offering experience in nearly every facet of the non-profit and non-governmental sector, this internship will increase student awareness of how to build other non-profit organizations, how to develop environmental education and youth leadership, support victims of domestic violence, build a sustainable market for artists from underprivileged communities, develop a curriculum for elementary math and science educational reform, and more.

This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to gain practical and transferrable 'real world' skills, those who want a meaningful internship experience with independence and the possibility of designing and leading projects and those who want to make a difference within underprivileged communities in a developing nation in Africa. Outside of the internship and coursework, students will visit sites of historical and contemporary significance, including a visit to Nelson Mandela's jail cell on Robben Island, tour a 17th century wine farm, learn about the colonization of the Cape and have an opportunity to learn how to cook traditional Cape Town curries while gaining an appreciation for the cultural diversity of South Africa. This internship program is for the serious-minded student with an adventurous heart and a social conscience who wants something a little different than the typical study abroad experience.

Highlights Experience the rich and multifaceted culture of Cape Town, South Africa Work with non-profit organizations to improve their services and outreach in the community Gain professional skills and work experience through internship placement