Dr Craig Saper: WRD UP 2.0: Teaching \R\E\A\D/I/N/G/ as Genre & Practice

Craig Saper Associate Professor of Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of Maryland Baltimore County "A 'Top 20 Plan' For Writing, Part 5: Learn To Read Online Visually "

September 29, 2016
September 22, 2016
September 13, 2016
Reposted from: uknow.uky.edu/content/craft-beer-and-writing-not-unusual-pairing-you-imagine
August 10, 2016
Why New Maps Plus? The New Maps Plus graduate programs at the University of Kentucky offer students a challenging, intensive, digital mapping...
May 13, 2016
    Part of the 44th Annual Ellen Churchill Semple Day Aprill 22, 2016 Department of Geography College of Arts & Sciences University...
May 5, 2016
Christoph Mayer, Eurovision Song Contest: A European Festival of Camp Culture Part of the University of Kentucky, College of Arts and Sciences' Year...


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