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Faculty Poster Presentation

The Department of Chemistry hosted a Faculty Poster Presentation on Friday, September 4, 2015.  This annual event is an opportunity for new graduate students to meet Chemistry faculty members and learn about their current research projects.Each of the 30 new graduate students needs to choose a research group by December, and the poster Presentation is designed them find a project that aligns with their interests.  This choice is critical, because the research group a student chooses this semester will determine the course of his or her academic career.

Summer Fun in Chem-Phys!

For many departments on campus, the summer months are a time to take advantage of quieter offices and catch up on things that get lost in the hustle and bustle of the academic year. The Departments of Physics & Astronomy and Chemistry decided to liven up the relaxed pace by hosting weekly potluck lunches. These gatherings gave the faculty, staff, and students a chance to take a break from research labs and offices and participate in something fun to break up their day. Not only was the company good, but the food was also interesting since each week had a different “theme.” In total the departments hosted nine potluck lunches with a variety of fun themes that were suited to various tastes. Both departments are lucky to have a diverse group of graduate students and faculty with an assortment of cultures and backgrounds represented. One of the most popular lunches was Asian-themed. Many graduate students and faculty members were able to share their home cultures through the dishes they brought to the lunch. Some of the other themes included Italian, fiesta, western, farm & garden and carnival/circus. These potluck lunches were the perfect opportunity to build community between the two departments, building upon the community that already exists.

Student Employee Spotlight -- Introducing Lori Johnson

Hey y’all! I’m Lori Johnson and I’m junior from Louisville, KY! I’m studying Integrated Strategic Communications, and Community Leadership and Development; I know it’s a mouthful, but thankfully they’re two different majors! I’m also getting a certificate of Global Studies. Choosing where to go to college was a tough choice, but in the end my Big Blue Nation won out. The incredible sense of spirit and community is what really sealed the deal for me, everywhere you go, you see blue! It also didn’t hurt that my dad was also a Wildcat and I get to continue that tradition. Being a student at UK has given me the most amazing opportunities. I get to be in a great campus ministry, active in meaningful organizations and I have a really awesome job!

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