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CESL's Spring Break Trip to Cincinnati

On March 18, 2015 Mrs. Lina Crocker took several CESL students on a trip to Cincinnati. They were joined by faculty member Ms. Roshan Nikou.

The students took a bus to Cincinnati where singing and dancing were encouraged, giving students the opportunity to socialize and become comfortable around their peers.

This all day trip began with a visit to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center where students viewed various exhibits detailing the history of the Midwest, and America’s various paths towards freedom and equality for all.

The students enjoyed lunch at the Yard House which provided a great social experience and relaxed atmosphere for the students.

After lunch CESL students visited the Krohn Conservatory, a greenhouse which showcases more than 3,500 plant species from all around the globe.

Events such as this encourage students to immerse themselves in the world, promoting English literacy, and developing the knowledge that will help them thrive in America. In addition these trips allow students the opportunity to socialize with their peers and cultivate a relationship with their teachers that extends beyond the classroom.

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