Commonwealth Voices

Commonwealth Voices are collections of conversations happening on campus. The short audio podcasts feature UK faculty explaining their work in ordinary language. Faculty help listeners to understand the value of their research to communities outside of the academic world.

Visiting speaker talks are also featured in this section. Speakers address issues ranging from writing in the digital age to the art of science. 

If you're interested in reading more by the people associated with the Digital Distillery, you can find links to blogs and other information at the Local Distillers page. 


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Distillery Projects

Have you ever wondered what professors study? In these short interviews, UK faculty in the College of Arts & Science describe their work in user-friendly terms. Although the academic world may seem complex, scholars make important contributions to the world around them. These short podcasts...
The College of Arts & Science hosts many speakers throughout the year. We have archived several of these talks on the Distillery. Speakers address issues ranging from digital culture to writing and rhetoric. 
2011-12 Martha B. Reynolds Speaker Series in Digital Media. Featuring: Dr. Daniel Anderson, University of North Carolina, Dr. Craig Saper, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Dr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Ponoma College and MLA, Dr. Todd Presner, UCLA  
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