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Proyecta Welcome

By Rosanna Willhite

The Center for English as a Second Language is pleased to welcome 53 students from Mexico. The students arrived over the weekend of November 9th and will be visiting scholars for one month. The scholars represent not only promising undergraduate students, but also teachers of English and other disciplines in universities in Mexico. They are part of an initiative by the Mexican government called Proyecta 100,000, which aims to send 100,000 students to the United States by 2018.

Please join us as we welcome these visiting scholars by introducing yourself to them at CESL events and partnerships. We hope this will be the beginning of a thriving partnership with Mexico and Proyecta 100,000.

Click the link: Consul of Mexico, Mr. Jorge Sanchez Catano (Vimeo) to view the video of Mr. Jorge Sanchez Catano, Consul of Mexico, visiting the University of Kentucky Proyecta 100,000 students on 21 November 2014.