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chinese new year

Hanfu Fashion, Dance and Ancient Music


Celebrate Chinese New Year with Hanfu Fashion, Dance, and Ancient Music Saturday, February 7 at the Singletary Center for the Arts Recital Hall.
The fashion show features traditional clothing of the Han Chinese ethnic group from the legendary Yellow Emperor to the end of the Ming Dynasty. Chinese zither music will accompany performances along with Chinese calligraphy, painting, and tea ceremony demonstrations.
“My vision was to introduce an aesthetic that I knew could be appreciated universally. In a rapidly modernizing world where the consciousness and exchange of different fashions continues to increase, I found the opportunity to highlight one of the pre-eminent fashions of the old world - a uniquely thrilling challenge” said Ms. Zhou Qi, Designer and Producer of the Hanfu Show.
Winners of the “2014 UKCI China in My Lens Photo Contest” will be announced before the performance. Photographs were selected for cash prizes from those taken on the UK Chinese Studies Study Abroad trip and on UKCI Summer trips, including the UKCI Short-term Faculty Trip, Educator Trip, High School Students’ Trip, and the UK Jazz Ensemble and Volleyball Trips. Winners will receive awards from $50 to $800.
The event is presented by the University of Kentucky Confucius Institute and the Mu Dan Hong Dance Troupe.

Singletary Center Recital Hall
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