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Translating for the Stage with Alan McKendrick

The University of Kentucky has been playing host to Alan McKendrick, a Scottish playwright, stage director, and translator, as he works with students during a compressed, three-week course. Within the course, McKendrick and the students are working to translate and adapt a popular German play into American English with a Kentuckian twist. In this podcast, we speak to McKendrick about his previous work, the difficulties of adapting and translating plays, and the dynamics of the compressed course.

Frights from Coast to Coast with Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers is the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. He also teaches a class called Global Horror, which examines the course of the horror genre of film from its origins in Weimar, Germany to the modern day. The class emphasizes an application of both film and literature to best cover how the genre has changed and evolved over a century.

Cultural Differences between German and American Universities: Kaffeestunde

Have you ever thought about German culture? Do you want to know some cultural differences between colleges in Germany and the US? Are the grades any different? How are the teachers in Germany? The classes? College life? Dorms? Come to Kaffeestunde (Hour of Coffee) to hear about Germany's culture! Refreshments will be provided.

Hosted by the German Department and sponsored by the Cultural Diversity Festival.

Max Kade German House (212 E. Maxwell Street) in the 1st floor Dining Room
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