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kelly muschong

Five Things About Me

kelly and ice creamI grew up in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas while my father worked on his degrees and started his teaching career.  We ended up in Richmond by the time I was in 4th grade with him teaching at E.K.U.  I graduated from Eastern with a degree in Business Administration (Marketing).  Previous positions have included everything from waiting tables (quite a learning experience!) to Biological Sales (vaccines).  It was only a matter of time before I ended up working at a University, something I had wanted to do from the time I was very young and tagged along everywhere after my dad, grading his papers, cleaning his office, and observing every career position on campus. I came to work for U.K. part time in 2010, and joined A&S last year.  My husband and I have two children and a mutt that we all love to pieces.  If you have talked to me at all, then you know about my children.  We love having fun with them and their friends, and listening to them talk and laugh.  Life is good! 

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