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Inflation and Alternative Early Universe Scenarios in Light of the Swampland Constraints

Abstract :  The inflationary scenario has become the standard
paradigm of early universe cosmology, but it is not
the only scenario which can explain the currently
available data on the large-scale structure of the
universe. I will compare inflation with two alternative
scenarios, the "Ekpyrotic bounce" scenario, and
"String Gas Cosmology". I will then argue that
there are severe obstacles to embed inflationary
cosmology into quantum gravity, and that the
alternative scenarios may be more promising"  
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Parity breaking transport and Ward identities in 2+1 dimensions

We derive the Ward identities originated from general linear transformations for the systems with time translation invariance. They connect various transport coefficients for 2+1 dimensional systems with broken parity. Our general results agree with the available relations in incompressible Hall fluid and in magnetically charged black holes. The talk is organized to give a broad picture for the subject.

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